What did tumblr do for you?

by kohwala


I went from working in retail,

To being a publisher for adsense, owning multiple clothing lines, educating myself on social media and mastering social media marketing,  having a networking from 0 - 4million and being able to create a brand and take it to the max. I’ve been able to travel, save for a house and pay of uni fees. I’ve networked and met up with people from across the globe and sat in meetings with some important people. I have a huge plan for 2015 and a team to make this happen. Most importantly.. I was able to take a whole year off and look after my mother while she was ill, without having to worry about money. It’s given me freedom. There’s still a lot to learn, but the last three years have been the best start to becoming an adult… Plus putting food in the mouths of bloggers such as hply.. since all he does his copy me and make money from it..

My point is.. Use what you have and make the most of it before it goes dry..

I fucking love tumblr..


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